Case Study

Brand Roll Out

CASE STUDY, Integrated Media Relations & Travel trade


Keep Alberta top of mind as a tourism destination in the competitive landscape of long-haul travel, by rolling out brand assets aligned with tour operator packages, increasing web traffic to Alberta’s landing page, and increasing holiday planner downloads.

Marketing Activity

  • Work with an advertising agency to create concepts aligned with Destination Canada’s Explorer Quotient (Interest types) of Free Spirits, Social Samplers and Cultural Explorers
  • Develop ROI measurements with analytics, web traffic, lead referrals to industry, travel planner downloads, email subscriptions and social media engagement
  • Seek out relevant tour operator packages in key categories to interest consumers e.g. wildlife experiences, unique stays, rail travel and winter wonderland
  • Update back end of the Alberta website to ensure packaging was accurate and up-to-date
  • Identify positioning statement to appear in creative
  • Approve of and review media buy to ensure the advertising agency was targeting to Alberta’s needs and audiences


  • Average click through rate 1.05 (average for travel campaigns is 0.07%)
  • 5,625,990 delivered impressions
  • 12,592 lead referrals
  • video rich media advertisements performed 30x better than stills
  • 2000 names were registered on email subscriptions
  • 890 holiday planner downloads